Dry water-soluble NPK fertilizers with trace elements
Concentrated Copper fertilizer with pronounced antibacterial and fungicidal activity
Quantum PhytoPhos
Concentrated Phosphorus&Potassium fertilizer with a fungicidal activity
Quantum ExtraPhos Super
Concentrated liquid fertilizer-stimulator with a pronounced fungicidal effect and a high concentration of Phosphorus in the form of Phosphite, Potassium and Nitrogen
Quantum SeaAmine (registration in EU)
Complex seaweed-based fertilizers enriched with nutrients
Quantum AminoMax 200 (registration in EU)
Complex foliar fertilizer with powerful anti-stress effect
Quantum AminoFrost
nti-stress complex to increasing crop resistance and helping them to overcome plant stress caused by cold temperatures
Quantum T80
Complex anti-stress fertilizer for plant resistance increasing to drought and high temperature involve
Quantum SRKZ
Concentrated fertilizer and stimulator for root development of grain, leguminous crops and oil seeds
Quantum K-Trin
Concentrated Potassium fertilize, soil conditioner, soil salinity corrector
Quantum Fort Knox
Complex fertilizer is based on a special formulation of Amino acids and Seaweed extracts
Quantum AquaSil (registration in EU)
Complex Silicon fertilizer for foliar application of grain, technical, fruit, vegetable and ornamental crops
Quantum Humate
Liquid and highly concentrated source of Potassium Humate
Quantum WinPlant
A powerful fertilizer and biostimulant which contains a balanced combination of phytohormones
Quantum Gibbon
Fertilizer and growth stimulator based on gibberellic acid
Quantum Moderator NAA
Fertilizer and plant growth Regulator based on Naphthylacetic acid
Plant growth regulator based on Benzylaminopurine