Quantum TRITON

Quantum TRITON

Multifunctional adjuvant, penetrant. Improves the penetration

of active substances into the leaf, acidifies the working solution,

aligns the spray cone and reduces droplet drift.


 Сhemical composition (% w/v) and properties

  • Blend of fatty acid glycerides - 60%
  • Carboxylic acids - 30%
  • Non-ionic surfactants and water-retaining agents - 4%
  • Density - 0.95-1.05 kg / l



The action and effect of the drug

  • ensures high-quality penetration of all components of the tank mixture into plants and control of drift during spraying;
  • high-quality composition that most effectively improves the penetration of herbicides into difficult-to-control weeds;
  • an effective acidifier that reduces the pH of the working solution to 4-5 units. This reduces the loss of active substances of pesticides as a result of alkaline hydrolysis, promotes the absorption of weak acidic herbicides;
  • optimizes the droplet size of the working solution (150-400 microns), which leads to a decrease in their drift (drift) and evaporation during the spraying of plants.


Recommended consumption rates

  • Addition to herbicides to achieve better penetration and wetting of plants: 0.25-0.5 l/100 l.
  • Lowering the pH level to reduce the alkaline hydrolysis of drugs: 0.1 l / 100 l.
  • Improving the absorption of leaf fertilizers, reducing the drift of small drops of solution: 0.3-0.5 l / 100 l.