Active Carbon Technology - development of intensification of rhizosphere activities (rhizosphere management).

The technology is based on the concept of rhizosphere management - management of the plant rhizosphere - the soil zone that surrounds the roots and is in close relationship with root secretions (exudates) and soil microflora (bacteria, fungi and other organisms).

The concept is to maximize the efficiency of root processes, increase the utilization of nutrients by plants, and not to increase the application rates of chemical fertilizers.

The ACTion complex, in terms of its biological activity, has an effect similar to that of plant root exudates, stimulating rhizosphere processes:

  • Increases soil microbial activity and improves nutrient uptake.
  • Provides an affordable source of energy (carbon) for soil, microbiota and crops.
  • Stimulates the development of the root system.
  • Activates stress resistance at the initial stages of development.
  • The buffering agents in ACTion promote the mobilization of phosphorus and other soil elements and applied fertilizers.


The "root-rhizosphere microflora" system is formed immediately after seed germination. The introduction of Quantum Diafan starter fertilizers with ACTion technology during sowing contributes to:

  • Active colonization of the root zone even before seed germination and stimulation of microflora reproduction even under unfavorable growth conditions.
  • Increasing the availability of nutrients both through the direct effect of the ACTion components on the mobility of hard-to-reach elements and indirectly through the stimulation of the vital activity of the rhizosphere microflora.


Natural plant metabolites and biologically active substances in the basis of ACTion have a direct stimulating effect on the plant by activating the growth of the root system and soil microflora, as well as increasing the mobilization of soil-derived nutrients and their availability through changes in chemical and biological processes in the rhizosphere.