Quantum K36

Quantum K36

Premium source of Potassium fertilizer combined with an organic acids.

Concentrated Potassium fertilizer with a high level of Potassium combined with  

an organic acids, which provides better leaves absorb as compared to other forms.


 Сhemical composition (% w/v) and properties


  • K2O – 36,0% (360 g/l);
  • рН – 6,5-8,0;
  • Density – 1,40-1,47 kg/l



Action and impact


The product contains Potassium in the form of compounds with organic acids, which are:


  • Ideal Potassium source for foliar feeding - up to 5 times better absorption.
  • The organic acids present in the product are quickly assimilated by plants and easily converted into carbohydrates, promoting improved ripening of fruits and berries and enhancing their flavor qualities.


Potassium plays a crucial role in regulating water and gas exchange in plant leaves. It participates in the opening and closing of stomatal pores on leaves, allowing plants to effectively control water balance and gas exchange with the surrounding environment.


Additionally, Potassium is a key factor in carbohydrate accumulation in plants. It is involved in the biosynthesis and transport of sugars such as glucose and sucrose within plant tissues, providing energy for growth and development. Therefore, adequate potassium supply to plants promotes the accumulation of carbohydrates, which can positively influence their growth, development, and yield.


Potassium is a mobile element found in ionic form in the cell sap. Its concentration influences water movement within the plant and the rate of respiration. Potassium regulates transpiration and respiration processes by controlling the opening and closing of stomata, thus maintaining turgor pressure (the fluid content in cells) and reducing water loss (plant wilting) during dry and hot weather conditions.


Potassium promotes the growth of xylem vessels, thereby enhancing the transport capacity of sugars and the accumulation of carbohydrates.


The highly effective formulation of "organic" Potassium, Quantum-K36 ensures efficient and rapid absorption and assimilation of potassium through the leaf surface.


We offer functional products Quantum K36 and Quantum Aquacil for plant nutrition in drought and hot weather conditions, the use of which significantly reduces the negative impact of high temperatures and water scarcity. The silicon-containing fertilizer Quantum Aquacil also exhibits a wide range of stress-reducing effects: against drought, heat, frost, lodging, pests, diseases, and more.


Quantum K36 fertilizer is also used to increase carbohydrates in fruits and improve their taste qualities due to the high potassium content in the mixture with organic acids.