Quantum Slow Nitrogen

Concentrated liquid Nitrogen fertilizer. It is the slow-release fertilizer for providing  

a controlled and gradual Nitrogen inputs during foliar and root application.



Сhemical composition (% w/v) and properties


  • N general – 35,0% (350 g/l)
  • slow-release N – 18,5% (185 g/l);
  • рН – 8,0-10,5
  • Density – 1,24-1,28 kg/l



Action and Effects: 


The new generation of "smart fertilizers" significantly enhances nitrogen utilization coefficient by plants and avoids undesirable toxic effects. More than half of the fertilizer composition consists of total nitrogen in a form characterized by prolonged action. The remainder of the nitrogen is in the form of amide, which is quickly absorbed by the plant and enters metabolism.


The advantages of this fertilizer are as follows:


  • The unique combination of fast-acting nitrogen (for immediate correction of deficiency) and slow-release nitrogen (for prolonged nutrition).
  • Long-term nitrogen release without the risk of stimulating excessive vegetative growth.
  • Improvement of crop growth and development, allowing for nitrogen deficiency correction and better plant recovery after stressful conditions.
  • Ideal for foliar and soil application, including fertigation. Lowest salt index among all nitrogen fertilizers, low phytotoxicity, and reduced risk of leaf burn.
  • Unique wetting properties for foliar application of the fertilizer.
  • Increased nitrogen use efficiency.
  • Flexibility in choosing application timings.
  • Reduction of unproductive nitrogen losses due to leaching and/or volatilization.
  • Compatible with fungicides, insecticides, and other fertilizers.
  • Non-corrosive.