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Quantове Поле (випуск 1/2022)

Even during these difficult times for our Country, the agriculture sector continues to ensure food security.

KVADRAT LLC makes every effort to provide farmers with the necessary products for plant nutrition and its biostimulation.

Our products are successfully used not just on field crops, but for many years perfectly proved in use on vegetables, fruits and berries.

An example of such effective cooperation you can see in our report – online broadcast of Field Day. It was held by "Pidgaychyky’s Gardens" LLC  in Ivano-Frankivsk region, Kolomyisky district, Pidgaychyky village.

A complex intensive nutrition scheme consisted of eight products of the M Quantum and was used in the orchard at the appropriate stages of Apple Tree Growth Stages.

In particular, the following products have been applied:

Quantum PhytoPhos

Quantum AminoFrost

Quantum SeaAmine

Quantum Gibbon  and other.


We would like to express a huge gratitude to Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Television «Halychyna» for the help we received in preparing video materials and especially like to thank correspondent – A.Popovych, operator – V.Kobynets, Film editor – Ye.Shatokhina.