Quantum Diafan ACTion 2.0 7-20-4

Quantum Diafan ACTion 2.0 7-20-4
New formulation of premium liquid starter fertilizers with phosphorus (P) protection technology, significantly enhancing its efficiency, especially on alkaline or acidic soils and when applied in tank mixtures with hard water. Additionally enriched with Zn (5 g/l) and contains ACTion components and P-fixation inhibitors, preventing phosphorus binding and promoting its prolonged uptake by plants.



 Сhemical composition (% w/v) and properties:


  • N 7,0% (90 g/l)
  • Р2О5 – 20,0% (254 g/l)
  • К2О – 4,0% (51 g/l)
  • Zn 0,4% – (5 g/l)
  • Composition of organic substances ACTion (expressed as carbon) – 1,7% (22 g/l)
  • Phosphorus (P) fixation inhibitors – 1,0% (12.6 g/l)
  • Density (20°С) – 1,27-1,29 g/ml
  • рН – 5,9-6,2
  • Crystallization temperature, °С: -11



Key Features:


  • Highly effective on both acidic and alkaline soils, remains stable when applied in tank mixtures with water due to phosphorus protection technology.
  • Additionally contains zinc, addressing the initial needs of crops even in the presence of a severe zinc deficiency in the soil.
  • By reducing phosphorus binding, improves its diffusion in the soil, enhances the availability and assimilation of nutrients, including micronutrients.
  • Utilizes the ACTion technology to intensify rhizospheric processes.
  • Provides phosphorus in an available orthophosphate form, free from ballast salts, with a low salt index.



Three Effects of Action:


  • Effectively inhibits the fixation of phosphorus, particularly in non-optimal soil conditions.
  • Improves the accessibility of phosphorus, as well as other nutrients, in the soil and from applied fertilizers.
  • Extends the effectiveness of starter fertilizers, enabling nutrients to stay more accessible to plants throughout the vegetation period.